The Day We Said “I DO”

September 1, 2017. The best day of my life. The day I married my best friend. Zach and I have been together for 8 years, but have known each other for over 14 years.

The wedding was an absolute dream come true. It was everything that I wanted and so much more. We had a little over 3 months to plan it. Zach and I decided right away the most important aspects of the wedding for us were the DJ and the photographer. The photographer was really good friend of ours Summer Lambert. I have known Summer since kindergarten and Zach has known her since 6th grade. Once you see the pictures you will understand why we wanted her to shoot our wedding! As for the DJ, we did a little research online and asked around. There was one name that kept jumping out at us: Active DJ Entertainment. Jason was the DJ and he is actually the owner. I met with him at his office to go over our song list, and knew right away that we made a good choice going with Active DJ Entertainment. During the reception Zach and I kept telling each other how great Jason was, and guests were even telling us how great the DJ was. If you are getting married in the Wilmington area then I highly recommend Active DJ Entertainment.

My bridesmaids and I got ready at The Graystone Inn, while the Zach and his groomsmen got ready next door at St. Thomas Preservation Hall. It took me far less time to get ready than I originally thought it would. After my hair and makeup was done, it felt as though I had to wait hours to actually put my dress on. Summer was there early to snap picture of me, my mom, and my bridesmaids getting ready, then she ran next door and snagged some pictures of the Zach and his guys.

0022Kasity and Zach The Story Creative

0043Kasity and Zach The Story Creative

0050Kasity and Zach The Story Creative

0059Kasity and Zach The Story Creative

0069Kasity and Zach The Story Creative

0108Kasity and Zach The Story Creative

0105Kasity and Zach The Story Creative

Zach and I decided to do a first look. We went back and forth on this decision during the entire wedding planning process. Zach originally wanted to wait to see me for the firsttime when I walked down the aisle. A week before the wedding we both changed our minds.

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Sisters Getaway

This past weekend my sisters and I decided we want to get away and have some fun. I’ve been dying to go hiking somewhere in North Carolina or South Carolina. I recently discovered they have hundreds of trails listed in any city or country. You can either type in the specific city you are going to, or if you’re unsure you can search by state. I searched by state, and then I filtered my search to hikes that had at least 3 stars, moderate to hard in difficulty, and that included a lookout or waterfall. I discovered Hanging Rock State Park. It’s about an hour north of Greensboro, NC. A new adventure awaits. Read more

3 Sisters Waterfall Trail

Woke up at 3:30 am East Coast time, boarded the plane at 4:45, and I was California bound once again. I arrived in San Diego at 9:30 am Pacific Time, and Zach and I were already trying to figure out what adventure to begin next. Our love for hiking has grown so much since he has moved here. He told me about this of this “off the path” trail with a waterfall that he had heard about. I love waterfalls and being from the east coast that’s all my family did on vacations when I was growing up… hiking to waterfalls. The hike was called 3 Sisters Waterfall Trail, so Zach, Brad (Zach’s brother), and I got ready and set off on an adventure.

Driving to the trail was mostly curvy back roads, once we got about 10 miles from the trail we hit a dirt road, and at this point we had only hoped that we were going in the right direction. There were about 10 cars at the trail head, so to me that seemed promising. I had read that the trail was only about 3 miles. 3 miles! I run 3 miles a couple times a week, how hard could it be? Oh I was so wrong. Read more

The Best Day

We are getting MARRIED!!!

I arrived in California late Thursday night May 19th. We woke up early Saturday morning and Zach told me that he had something planned, but I wasn’t sure what it was. The ride to wherever we were going seemed like forever, and the only thing I knew was that we were headed north. We arrived to a helicopter pad in Long Beach, CA, around 10:30, and at this point I knew that we were headed to Catalina Island.

Funny story, early that morning I showed Zach that my Facebook memories showed that we went to Catalina Island on that exact day 7 years early! Our high school senior trip was to Los Angeles. We spend about 6 days visit many of the main tourist locations, and on that particular day our class took a ferry to Catalina Island where we spent the day. Zach and I went biking around the island and parasailing. He went snorkeling while while I rented a golf cart with friends and rode around the island. I had always hoped that Zach and I would travel back to the island together… little did I know that it would happen during this trip.

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