Road Bike Fiasco

Swim, Bike, Run. I’ve always thought it would I be fun to do a triathlon. I bought a road bike off of craigslist in December. I knew nothing about road bikes, and wasn’t even sure if I had made a good purchase. I took it to our local bike shop (Two Wheeler Dealer), and for $50 they tuned it up, pumped the tires, and reset the speedometer.

Now for a good laugh.

I recently started riding it more, and realized my tires were getting flat. I got my normal pump and attempted to put more air in the tires. I quickly realized the feat would be much harder than I anticipated. After watching a few youtube videos, I figured out that I need a presta valve… whatever that is.

After a couple of weeks, I decided to suck up my pride and go to Two Wheeler Dealer for help. How embarrassing! I awkwardly explained that I didn’t know how to pump up the tires on my road bike. Just like the running community, the biking community is just as friendly and supportive. I ended up buying a new pump, because I figured out that mine didn’t have the presta valve.

I was sure this new pump would easily pump up my tires. After about 25 minutes, I finally figured it out. Whew, what a challenge that was.

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