Anybody else out there as obsessed with the Olympics as I am? Not sure what it is, but I love the fact that these athletes have trained their whole lives to go to the Olympics and represent the United States of America

I recently watched the gymnastic, beach volleyball, swimming, and track and field Olympic trials. It was incredible to watch the pure joy and excitement on the faces of those who made the Olympic team. It was also hard to watch many people hide their disappoint and tears when they realized that they didn’t make the team. Many of these athlete train at least 30 hours a week and many train much, much more.

It is rumored that NBC will broadcast over 250 hours of the Olympics, while the NBC Sports App will be live streaming 4,600 hours. That’s a lot of television to watch. I’m sure  everyone has their favorite sport that they are looking forward to watch. Here is my list of athletes to watch at the 2016 Olympics with a little summary of some of their accomplishments:


Simone Biles-
19 year old gymnast. She didn’t go to the 2012 London Olympics because she few months shy of her 15th birthday, which is the age requirement.

-3x All Around World Champion
-14x World Medalist
-Has a gymnastic moved named after her “The Biles”


Michael Phelps-
31 year old swimmer

-5 time US Olympic Swimmer
-Most decorated Olympian of all time
-22 medals at 3 Olympiads


Allyson Felix-
30 years old. Track and Field athlete

-2012 Olympic champion for the 200m
-3x World Champion and 2x Olympic silver medalist


Emma Coburn-
25 year old. Middle distance runner.

-2011,2012,2014,&2015 US National Champion in 3000m Steeplechase


Shalane Flannagan
35 year old. Long distance runner.

-Holds the American record times for the: Indoor 3000m and 5000m. Outdoor Road Race 10,000m, 10K, and 15K.
-Placed 2nd in 2010 New York City Marathon
-Often trains with Amy Hastings


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