Battleship 1/2 Marathon

Have you ever ran a race that you knew you weren’t ready for? A race in which you had planned on training for months, yet for some reason you lose track of time and the races date sneaks up on you. Yep, that happened to me, and unfortunately it was a half marathon. I had planned on training for this race, and honestly I used every excuse as to why I didn’t… weather, traveling, work…etc. It was a very rough race.

The course was quite nice. I was able to run through downtown Wilmington (my hometown). The weather was absolutely gorgeous. I started the race doing pretty well, but by mile 6 I was struggling, and only 7 more to go. By some miracle I finished this race, haha. Here are a few pics14915664_10155016599621874_2286661019669188510_n

Whew that was a slowwww half marathon, but at least I finished.


The medals were awesome! I loved the patriotic theme.

14925718_10155016599501874_3121353536464028070_nBlurry picture, but here I am in front of the USS North Carolina.

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