Quintiles Wrightsville Beach Marathon

Training? What training? 

This past weekend I ran my 5th 1/2 marathon. Yes, 5! I never in my wildest dreams thought I would ever run one 1/2 marathon, and now I’ve completed five.

Every time I sign up for a race, I always tell myself that I’m going to train and get serious about it… yeah that never happens. I felt that I was properly training for this race, up until Christmas and New Years, and that’s when I took about 2 weeks off of running. I got back into training and stepped it up, and then took another week and a half off for Zach’s Winging ceremony. The race seemed to creep up so fast. It was here before I realized it. I wasn’t too worried, knowing that I had previously ran 4 half marathons.

Packet Pickup

The race expo this year was awesome! The race course finished at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington (UNCW), my Alma Mater. The race course was a little different this year, and this was the first year it was going to finish on campus. The expo was on campus in the same building my department graduation was held. Keep in mind I transferred from the Full to the Half back in January. I picked up my packet and I was still registered for the full! They were able to see my transfer in progress, but it was never completed. Well long story short apparently I never hit the confirm button the screen. Luckily they switched me right then and there.

Race Day!

The weather was absolutely perfect. It was around 54 degrees when I got to the starting line. I almost didn’t make it to the start line in time due to the long line at the bathroom!! I lost my friends in the shuffle and ended up running alone the whole time, which didn’t bother me because I had my headphones.

I decided to stay close to the 2:15 pace group. My PR is 2:16:16. For the first 9 miles I was pretty far ahead of the 2:15 pace group, and I was doing great on time. My family surprised me around mile 10, and that was amazing. They forgot my water in the car, but made it up by snapping some great pics!

IMG_8112 (1)


Only a 5k to go. Well this was easier said than done. I slowed down drastically the last 3 miles. As I have stated many times throughout my blog, my number one goal is to finish. My ankles really started bothering me. I have had some ankle pain here and there on some of my runs, but after already running 10 miles I had to keep stopping to walk. I kept an eye on my watch and realized I could potentially still get a PR, but by the last mile the pain was worse. I knew I had put my all into this race, so not getting a PR was too devastating. I causally made conversations with runners the last few miles, as I usually do to help take my mind off of the fact that I feel like I’m dying. The last 1.5 miles I ran right through UNCW’s campus. I can’t describe the feeling of how amazing it was to finish a half marathon at MY school.

I crossed the finish line and saw my family right on the other side. 1/2 Marathon #5 completed in 2:19:13



About the race

Quintiles Wrightsville Beach was my first half marathon in 2015. It’s crazy to think that I have run five 1/2 marathons in only 2 years! I loved this race the first time I ran, and I loved it even more this time. The course this year changed a little bit. For those of you familiar with Wilmington, the course started at the Wrightsville Beach park. Miles 3.5-7.5 were in Landfall, and while I love looking at the gorgeous, expensive houses, it always bums me out, because it’s a gated community there aren’t many people out cheering. Miles 8-10 were in and around Mayfaire. Miles 10-13 were on the crosscity trail and ending at UNCW. Amazing race and beautiful course in my hometown. I will always try run this race.

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