Adventures in Cali…

A month ago I made my first trip to see Zach since he moved to San Diego, California. This wasn’t my first trip to Cali, but it was my first trip specifically to San Diego. Have you ever heard people talking about how great California is? Yep, they’re right. It’s absolutely amazing. The weather, the atmosphere, the location… all great! 10 days in Cali, here I come.

The trip started out disastrous. My flight out of ILM was scheduled to leave at 5:30pm on Thursday, and I didn’t leave until 3:30pm on Friday. I finally got in around 8:40pm which was 11:40pm EST. I was exhausted, however I woke up around 7:30 to go for a 4 mile run. Zach told me that he lived a few blocks from the beach. I set out to go find it. I faintly remember the previous night him telling the main road that leads to the beach. I made it about 1/2 a mile when I decided to ask a stranger the direction to the beach… well it was 180 degrees the opposite direction. Eureka! I made it to the beach, and sure enough it was almost a mile from Zach’s house. This was the view…


Zach had work during the week, so I was on my own until he finished work. I started googling “hiking near San Diego” quite a few place came up, and I settled on Torrey Pines. Zach and I went after he finished work one evening. The pictures will speak for themselves…


The trails weren’t too busy that day. I decided to go by myself the next day. Little did I know that it was spring break for many local school. I ended up waiting about 20 minutes just to go through the entrance. I parked at the bottom of the trail, and set out on my hike.


Zach finished work quite early, so as soon I finished my hike I ran home to meet him. I had heard about this crazy place to hike called Potato Chip Rock. Zach loves the outdoors as much as I do, and was stoked to find this place. Because I had hiked at Torrey Pines that morning, my legs felt like jello climbing up to Potato Chip Rock. I felt like I was walking straight up a 70 degree incline. After what seemed like 2 miles of walking, I thought we were getting close, and two young girls verified my inclination by telling us we were half way there. By the time Zach and I reached the top I realized they were joking… that was a cruel joke. Now once you see the pictures you will understand where the name Potato Chip Rock came from. The scariest part of the “potato chip” wasn’t sitting that close to the edge of a drop that was a couple hundred feet, it was getting up to the edge. In the first picture, where we are kissing, you can see the rock has a steep crevice that is right against another rock. The scariest part was trying to avoid getting stuck in this crevice, like that girl in the picture almost did. The view was absolutely amazing, and I’m so glad that we hike Potato Chip Rock, but I don’t plan on doing it again.


We ended our trip with visit to Knotts Berry Farm with my family. I vaguely remembered going here as a kid, but the one thing that stood out was the delicious boysenberries. The whole month of April Knotts Berry Farm had a boysenberry festival. Of course, Zach and I had to get a food pass and try all the boysenberry filled food. From ravioli, to pizza, to beer and wine, we tried it all. I fell more in love with boysenberries and hopefully Zach shared in my favorite fruit obsession. Although the food was amazing, being here with my family made me happier than ever. These are the memories that will last a lifetime. Here are a few pics from that day.






I can’t wait to see what adventures await next time…

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