The Best Day

We are getting MARRIED!!!

I arrived in California late Thursday night May 19th. We woke up early Saturday morning and Zach told me that he had something planned, but I wasn’t sure what it was. The ride to wherever we were going seemed like forever, and the only thing I knew was that we were headed north. We arrived to a helicopter pad in Long Beach, CA, around 10:30, and at this point I knew that we were headed to Catalina Island.

Funny story, early that morning I showed Zach that my Facebook memories showed that we went to Catalina Island on that exact day 7 years early! Our high school senior trip was to Los Angeles. We spend about 6 days visit many of the main tourist locations, and on that particular day our class took a ferry to Catalina Island where we spent the day. Zach and I went biking around the island and parasailing. He went snorkeling while while I rented a golf cart with friends and rode around the island. I had always hoped that Zach and I would travel back to the island together… little did I know that it would happen during this trip.


The helicopter ride was incredible. It was amazing to experience what Zach does everyday. After about 20 minutes, we landed on the island and took a cab to the main part of town. The cab driver dropped us off at an ATM so that Zach could get some cash. While I was waiting outside for Zach, standing a few feet away from me was a group of guys that looked like they were trying to decide what they were going to do next. I realized that standing in the middle of the group was Miles Teller! Immediately, my stomach dropped and I got extremely nervous, as I tend to do when I see celebrities. Should I ask for a picture with him? No, because he was with a bunch of guys and that would be awkward, plus he had a hat and sunglasses on and it seemed like he didn’t want to be recognized. After a few minutes I snapped a picture and as soon as Zach came out of the store I ran up to him to tell him. He didn’t believe me. Zach and I went to grab some brunch and sitting right behind Zach sat Miles. I secretly snapped another picture. With his hat and sunglasses on Zach finally recognized him. After we ate and left the restaurant, I told myself if I saw him on the island again I would ask for a picture. I never saw him again, so I guess it wasn’t meant to be.




Anyways… After brunch we walked around the town a little bit and decided to rent a golf cart and ride around the island. We rented it for the maximum amount of time for 2 hours, and they told that we would be able to see the whole island in an hour. Since Zach isn’t 25, I had to rent the golf cart… haha I know he wasn’t happy. We spent the first loop around the island trying to see what looked familiar from 7 years ago when we biked the island. Here are some picture from the first loop around the island:







During our second loop around the island we decided that we wanted to find some cliffs or trails to walk on. We finally found a secluded trail and it took us to a beautiful overlook.


This was the spot that Zach asked me to be his wife. 7 years ago I wouldn’t have dreamed that I would be getting engaged on this island!




IMG_3148 (1)

I was too happy and zoned out to remember the rest of the ride around the island.  IMG_3168

We closed the trip by taking the ferry back to Long Beach, CA. My flight leaves in a couple hours and Zach has already gone to work, but as I am typing this I realize that I’m not sad about leaving because I know that this chapter of long distance will soon end.


We have a date set and I am unsure of how many times I’ll be back before the wedding, so we snagged a photographer and got our engagement pics done. Here are a few…






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