3 Sisters Waterfall Trail

Woke up at 3:30 am East Coast time, boarded the plane at 4:45, and I was California bound once again. I arrived in San Diego at 9:30 am Pacific Time, and Zach and I were already trying to figure out what adventure to begin next. Our love for hiking has grown so much since he has moved here. He told me about this of this “off the path” trail with a waterfall that he had heard about. I love waterfalls and being from the east coast that’s all my family did on vacations when I was growing up… hiking to waterfalls. The hike was called 3 Sisters Waterfall Trail, so Zach, Brad (Zach’s brother), and I got ready and set off on an adventure.

Driving to the trail was mostly curvy back roads, once we got about 10 miles from the trail we hit a dirt road, and at this point we had only hoped that we were going in the right direction. There were about 10 cars at the trail head, so to me that seemed promising. I had read that the trail was only about 3 miles. 3 miles! I run 3 miles a couple times a week, how hard could it be? Oh I was so wrong. Upon arriving to the trail I saw a sign that told a little bit about the trail, but the only thing that I read was that it was an unmarked trail and it was extremely dangerous.

Because it was an unmarked trail there were many different paths that could be taken. The trail started out pretty easy, but everyone that was walking in the opposite direction looked like they were dying, and after about 30 minutes I realized why. We came to a section of the trail was very steep and very sandy, but thankfully a rope was provided for assistance.IMG_3628



Now that my shoes were completely filled with sand we trekked on. We then came to a steep “cliff”… to me it seemed like a cliff. There were 2 ropes, one on each side of the trail with jagged rocks going down. Unfortunately, the pictures below doesn’t do it justice. IMG_3639


Here are a few more pictures of the hike down.





Once we got to the waterfall there were about a dozen people there. As you can see in my pictures below the waterfall was gorgeous and at the bottom there was a swimming hole. From the swimming hole was slide down to another swimming hole. Unfortunately I am unable to upload a video, but you can jump over to my facebook or instagram to see Zach sliding down the rock.




After about an hour of swimming and relaxing we hiked back towards the car. The hike back wasn’t nearly as strenuous as the hike down because we ended up following some markers we found. It completely bypassed the crazy cliff with the ropes, and dropped us off at the steep sand hill.

I was so thankful that I took my Nathan hydration pack, but I only wish that I had actually filled it all the way up. Next time I plan on taking snacks, hiking shoes, and possibly gloves (to save my hands from the ropes and from climbing over the rocks). All in all it was a wonderful was to spend my first day back in California. I would definitely recommend this hike!

P.S. The next day we realized that the crazy, curvy dirt road took Zach’s license plate. We made a make shift license plate out of cardboard. Zach’s truck is currently registered in Florida, so hopefully he will be getting a new one soon. Since I am driving his truck while he is working, I guess we will see if I get pulled over.

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