Sisters Getaway

This past weekend my sisters and I decided we want to get away and have some fun. I’ve been dying to go hiking somewhere in North Carolina or South Carolina. I recently discovered they have hundreds of trails listed in any city or country. You can either type in the specific city you are going to, or if you’re unsure you can search by state. I searched by state, and then I filtered my search to hikes that had at least 3 stars, moderate to hard in difficulty, and that included a lookout or waterfall. I discovered Hanging Rock State Park. It’s about an hour north of Greensboro, NC. A new adventure awaits.

We took advantage of the extra long weekend, and decided to go hiking Sunday. We hit the rode by 6am and got to the state park around 10am. It wasn’t too crowded when we first got there. Finding the park’s information center wasn’t too hard. After getting a map, lathering up in sunscreen, and packing our essentials, we were ready to hit the trails. Most of the trails start near the information center, which was convenient. The first trail was very easy less than a mile one way. We came upon a beautiful waterfall at the end, and no one was there! We took advantage of being the only ones and took in all the beauty.






After hiking back to the information center, we decided to hike the main trail to up to Hanging Rock. The first .5 mile wasn’t bad, but the closer we got the top the tougher the trail became. We had to stop a few times so that my sisters could catch their breath and get their legs moving again. The closer we got to the top the more stairs and rocks we had to climb. I promised my sisters that the view would be worth the hike. I think they agreed when they saw this…





I didn’t realize how much my sisters didn’t like heights, although they were brave enough to sit near the edge for a few pictures. There were close to 2 dozen people taking pictures and eating their lunch, while enjoying the beautiful landscape. We relaxed at the top for about 30 minutes before heading back. Of course the hike back down was much quicker than the hike to top. There were a few other trails that I would have loved to have hiked, but my sisters were a little too tired. Hopefully I can make it back and do some of the harder hikes.

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