1781227_10152980187151874_3785476874505848567_oIf you don’t know me, here’s your chance to get the inside scoop…

I love to volunteer. I have volunteered with The American Red Cross on multiple occasions. I love helping out at local races. My favorite place to volunteer is Victory Junction. If you haven’t heard of it, look it up!!Β http://victoryjunction.org/Β 

I love to travel. My fiance is a Navy Pilot. We have been together for 8 years. I love visiting him and exploring new places together. I will try to keep my travel page up to date.

I love to run. I have always loved playing sports and being active. I started playing soccer when I was three, and from then on out I played almost every sport you can think of. It wasn’t untilI was in college that I started running. Soccer and basketball, which were my two major sports growing up, but it wasn’t until I started really running that I realized running by itself was an entirely different sport.

I created this webpage because I hope someone can find motivation and encouragement through it.


2 – 10k

2 -15k

5 – 1/2 Marathons